How It Started.

The Water Jar Project started in July, 2019, just a couple days after we learned a ‘social media influencer’ began selling used bath water for $30 a jar*.

Click here for the story. Please note there is a NSFW element.


Yes. People bought dirty bath water for $30 a jar. So many people that the jars 'sold out' in just days.

What We're Doing.

Our reaction was to immediately think of how many people in the world don’t have access to clean water and how much closer to clean water $30 may get those without it. (The latest estimate is at 790 million people without clean water.)


Now, we fully admit we’ve spent $30 on some pretty pointless items. We really didn’t need those Moscow Mule cups and we buy coffee at a coffee shop on a weekly basis. But, spending $30 on dirty bath water seemed to be directly disrespectful to those without clean water. That concept didn’t sit well with us when we first learned about it and to this day it still doesn’t. 


So, we started The Water Jar Project.

How You Can Get Involved
In July of 2019, people bought dirty bath water,
while millions of people don't even have access to clean water. 

Now We Sell Empty Jars.

And we want to sell more empty jars than were sold of the dirty water jars.

It's Simple.

On Purpose.

Our goal with the The WJP is to

sell more clean jars of water than were sold of the dirty jars.


It feels like that way we are symbolically ‘righting a wrong’.



And we give you an empty jar.


We aren't afraid to say it, the jar barely matters

Because our money matters. Our actions matter.

The empty jar is a statement.


It's a symbolic act and item to show you aren't okay with people paying for dirty bath water, while hundreds of millions of people don't even have access to clean water to drink or bath.


How This All Works

It's about showing that our money and actions matter.
So You Get a Jar.

The Water Jar Project is simple. Help us prove that there are more people that care about getting clean water than buying dirty water:


1) Purchase your jar.


2) We mail you your jar.


3) Fill that jar up with water from your sink. (Because you have a sink with clean water. Not everyone does.)

4) Display your jar in a spot that symbolically serves as a reminder that your money and your decisions matter.


Why $30? That's the same price that the dirty water was purchased. 

That full WJP jar serves as a reminder of a few things:

a) We don’t have to be perfect, but remember that the way we spend our money can matter.


b) There are people who don’t have clean water and people who are being trafficked for money every day.


c) We at The WJP don’t have a solution, but we want to support those who are fighting for one.


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