A Run Club for people who want to run for more than just themselves.

Behind the scenes of The WJP, we like running. We aren't professional, but we are subscribed to Runner's World, so that's something, right?

We do run a fair bit. Last year, one of us needed an extra challenge, a goal to accomplish beyond a finish time. 

He decided to run a 5k. Everyday. As in, each day that ends in "y'. And it had to be at least 3.1 miles.

But after a few months of that, even the goal of running a 5k everyday for a year became a bit pointless. 

There needed to be a bigger reason to run beyond the individual goal, so Run for More was created.

We created Run for More running shirts that we've committed to wearing at least once a week for a run. Our 5k-a-day runner? He is wearing the Run for More running shirt for every run. (Don't worry, he has more than one.)

Why? To represent that our actions matter, even when it appears it doesn't. 

What Joining Run For More Means

RFM is designed to supplement The Water Jar Project's effort, to support access to clean water and bringing people out of sex trafficking, by bringing together a community we are familiar with, the running community. By joining, you are:

a) Committing to run for more than just yourself. Please don't get us wrong, we fully believe running possesses extreme personal benefits that are good for all and those should all stay with you. But when you are ready to add more purpose to your daily/weekly/monthly run, that is where RFM fits in.

b) That commitment is open ended. Your "more" doesn't have to be clean water or an end to sex trafficking. You can run for a family member battling cancer. A neighbor struggling. A friend who has passed. Your "more" is defined by you.


c) You wear your RFM shirt in at least one running event. At least once, we want you to go public with your "more". Sign up for your local 5k, pick a destination Half Marathon, or go for the full thing in a full Marathon. Whatever it is, find an event, set it as a goal and work towards it. Your "more" deserves it.

d) Help each other. Our Facebook group is a great resource to ask questions about running and/or share causes with one another. It is desired to be a supportive place to connect us. and help with each of our running missions.

The Shirt

  • Comes in Men's and Women's Sizing

  • Poly (Sport) Fabric Blend

  • White Box to Write-in Your "More"

Join the Run for More Running Club

Your membership comes with:

  • RFM Shirt

  • Access to Training Plans for all runnign abilities and distances

  • Facebook group access

  • An empty jar from Water Jar Project 

*We will email you for your shirt size!

Training Plans Currently Free!

Looking to sign up for a race this year? Check out our do-it-yourself training plans, currently completely free:

Couch to 5k

8 Week Plan

Couch to 10k

13 Week Plan

Half Marathon

14 Week Plan

 Full Marathon

22 Week Plan

(Click to download)

Need something custom? Run for More members get a custom training plan each year.